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Handmade Essential Oil Shower Steamer Bombs

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I hope that you love these handmade shower steamers as much as we do!

These shower steamers are made by hand in small batches using high quality oils. They are a perfect bath bomb alternative to those who don't have a bath tub. But, still want to enjoy the relaxation of using a bath bomb.  

When you buy this product you are not only getting a high quality shower steamer. But, you are also supporting a family owned business. These shower steamers are made by Oily Blends; a family owned business from Orlando, Florida. 


Key Lime : Key Lime Essential Oils

Lavender : Lavender Essential Oils

Lavender and Chamomile: Lavender and Chamomile Essential Oils 

Lavender and Grapefruit: Lavender and Grapefruit Essential Oils. 

Lemongrass: Lemongrass Essential Oils 

Wellness: Cinnamon, lemon and eucalyptus Oils

Berries and Cream: Berries and Cream Essential Oils.

Cherry Champagne: Cherries and Sweet Bubbly Champagne

Cucumber Splash: Cucumber, Aloe and Grapefruit Essential Oils 

Love Spell: Smells like the Victoria Secret Scent. 


Place the steamer in the back of the shower, not directly under the shower spray, but where it will still get splashed by the hot water. Shower as long as desired.